Saturday, April 16, 2016

Even Better Than the Beatles

The Shaggs, "Sweet Maria" b/w "Missouri Waltz" #rsd2016 #TheShaggs #vinyl #records #45rpm

A couple of weeks ago during general music chatter with patrons and a record store that shall remain nameless (and you'll know why in a second), I innocently asked the person who works at the shop what the odds were I could score this Record Store Day exclusive by The Shaggs from Light in the Attic.

They checked the database to see how many copies the store requested, and told me there were three. Now, it is a "rule" that record stores are not allowed to put RSD releases aside for people, but it was hinted that perhaps there just might be a "forgotten" copy in the back room waiting for me when I arrived at the shop on April 16th.

I was pretty confident that a copy of some of the worst and weirdest music in recording history would be mine.

Fast forward to Record Store Day, my friends and I went back to the shop to see what they had, and guess how many copies of this 7-inch were still in the bins: three. The record store followed the rules of Record Store Day, and I got the only item on my RSD 2016 wish list, and everyone was happy! 

IN EVEN BETTER NEWS: Light in the Attic Records is reissuing The Shaggs' only album, Philosophy of the World, this autumn and I could not be more excited! Frank Zappa was reported as saying that The Shaggs were "even better than the Beatles", so you know this is one fucked up record. Check out some tracks from this rare release on YouTube.

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