Thursday, March 29, 2012

Twee Things for March 29

Today's Quote:

@GideaPark There's a sparrow just chilling like a villan in this tree here. It's all like 'tweet'

@GideaPark I love how sparrows are back in fashion, they disappeared for a while but now they're bigger than ever.

@GideaPark They don't have the lasting appeal of the pigeon though. They're so classic and timeless, like the little black dress of birds

Check out @GideaPark's mixes on 8tracks:

Friday, March 9, 2012

Montreal Mix Tape Club

The DJs and volunteers at CJLO 1690AM have been participating in having fun! For the past few months, we've been:

- Exchanging mix CDs via the "Take a Mix, Leave a Mix" Christmas stocking in the DJ booth at the station
- Sharing music mixes via and soundcloud in the "CJLO Mix Tape Club" Facebook group
- Making original CD art
- Meeting a couple of times a month to exchange our mixes at the "Le Divan Orange 5 รก 7" in le Plateau Montreal

I'm so happy about the ethusiasm everyone has had for this experiment, so I decided to start a REVOLUTION

Presenting the "Montreal Mix Tape Club" Facebook group!

This is a group for music lovers in and around Montreal who love to create mix CDs, mix tapes, MP3 mixes, and for people who want to meet new people, get together, share and talk about music, and have FUN. Please join us, add your friends to the group, and post your ideas on how to make this the best Montreal music community ever!

Stay tuned for more news and events.

- Steph

Monday, March 5, 2012

Campus radio is important, it's alive, it's thriving!

CJLO 1690AM is hosting its first annual funding drive!

The CJLO community is looking to obtain a small terrestrial FM signal in Montreal's downtown area, and we need your support.

Our station is very important to Concordia University students who wish to gain on-air and news/music journalism and production experience, so I'm hoping some of my listeners will donate what they can so the students can be heard by the Montreal community DOWNTOWN!

CJLO also fosters local, independent scenes and creates communities for music lovers (our latest incarnation is the CJLO Mix Tape Club), supports independent/underground artists, breaks new bands, exposes listeners to new releases, and carries a wide variety of programming including News, Spoken Word, Hip Hop, Classical, World, Metal, Electronic, Punk, Rock, House, Blues, Jazz, Goth, Indie-Pop, and more!

Go to & for details, and if you donate via PayPal don't forget to comment that Stephanie Dee from "Twee Time" sent you!