Saturday, February 13, 2016

Tattoo You

The band wanted to tour behind an album, but a couple of bandmates (childhood friends, twins some say) weren't getting on too well, and there wasn't much time, so recording brand new stuff was out of the question. My producer came up with the idea to make me out of outtakes and tracks from past sessions that didn't make it on the records that preceded me. It was a pretty weird time... The singer came in to the studio all by himself to record some vocals, and overdubs were done. My saving grace were two awesome musicians, a keyboardist and a saxophonist, who came in to record additional tracks. Though I lacked cohesion, I ended up being a critical and commercial success and had three hit singles. Oh, and I'm said to be the band's "last great album". #nowspinning #vinyl #records #RollingStones #tattooyou