Friday, February 10, 2012

Crush Alert

To begin, I'm going to allude to a personal story of mine...

Not too long ago I found myself in the middle of your typical girl-meets-boy drama. We partied, mated like bunnies, then after a couple of months of dating he broke up with me and went running back to his native country for another chick, whom he eventually married. Yeah, I was hurt. Blah, blah, blah.

Always realise that out of any misfortune comes opportunity!

If that relationship had gone in my "favour", perhaps I would have been the girl in those sad wedding photos that creeped up on my Facebook the other day. Living in Switzerland, feeling lonely so far away from all I know and love.

But a chance meeting on Sunday, February 5 has further lead me to review the great stuff I've been up to since the break-up.

I've gone to lots and lots of shows and heard some really kick-ass music. I've taken New York trips, and made some amazing friends along the way (I'm writing about you Abby, Amrew, Kelly, and my brothers Paul and Ian!). My radio show is reaching new heights, and not only that! I conquered Rock 'n' Roll by getting an interview with a band that I really, really wanted to share with the world.

Yeah, you know what? What's been going on lately is pretty fucking awesome. So many cool things would never had happened if my heart didn't break. And I'm going to keep on breaking it until it opens.

Which leads me to this major crush alert I've got going on right now: Artist, musician, roadie, and promoter...

Perry Cola!

He is one of those guys who has absolutely no idea how freaking rad and cool he is. He's weird, and weird, well... those are my people. So what if I only met him for an extremely brief moment on February 5? Sometimes that's all you need to really spot a kind soul. And other people have noticed it too.

This is what I know:

And he is super nice!

Dry Feet Video

How great is that? Reminds me a little of The Gruesomes, and some of those east coast Canadian bands.

Perry is the inspiration for a little song I'm writing. Here's the chorus:


Onomatopoeia goes my heart

So this week I sent Perry a message asking him to come back to Montreal in the spring and stay forever, and confessed that I've got a total crush on him. He was like, "oh you do not!" But I do.

Crushes can't be helped! La la la feelings!

Oh! And I want to see his band and interview him for CJLO.

Anyway, I truly hope Perry and I meet again, party, and become great friends. All the best to him. xoxo