Monday, March 5, 2012

Campus radio is important, it's alive, it's thriving!

CJLO 1690AM is hosting its first annual funding drive!

The CJLO community is looking to obtain a small terrestrial FM signal in Montreal's downtown area, and we need your support.

Our station is very important to Concordia University students who wish to gain on-air and news/music journalism and production experience, so I'm hoping some of my listeners will donate what they can so the students can be heard by the Montreal community DOWNTOWN!

CJLO also fosters local, independent scenes and creates communities for music lovers (our latest incarnation is the CJLO Mix Tape Club), supports independent/underground artists, breaks new bands, exposes listeners to new releases, and carries a wide variety of programming including News, Spoken Word, Hip Hop, Classical, World, Metal, Electronic, Punk, Rock, House, Blues, Jazz, Goth, Indie-Pop, and more!

Go to & for details, and if you donate via PayPal don't forget to comment that Stephanie Dee from "Twee Time" sent you!

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