Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Parlovr "Twee Time" Takeover

It's kind of weird how I have to go way out of town to see really rad Montreal bands. Last year when I was in New York City attending the M pour MontrĂ©al CMJ showcase, I finally got to catch Parlovr live for the first time. 

Their set at the CMJ was such a blast, so I took a video of the party that gathered on stage during their last song that night.

Parlovr's self-titled CD made the rounds at CJLO a few years ago, and when I heard through the Twitter-vine that they had a new album coming out in May, I was like, "Eeeeeeee they have to come party on Twee Time!"

Alex, Jeremy, and Louis agreed, and so it happened. I invited them to take over the show, and here is the end result:

I'm going to start badgering them to come back and do a session in our production studio here at CJLO. In the meantime...

Keep your eyes and ears open for Kook Soul, out on Dine Alone Records May 15.
Thanks again guys! xoxo Steph

Thee "Twee Time" Show is originally broadcast on CJLO - 1690AM in Montreal. Go to for details and show times.

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