Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Never a Dull Moment at CJLO

When the youtube video "Never a dull moment on the NYC subway" made my facebook feed earlier this year, it warmed my heart to see two perfect strangers come together, let down their guard, and just jam out a rockin' tune.

Captured on film is an amazing break from the monotony of a subway ride that made even the toughest-looking New Yorkers let go, sit back, and smile. Stuff like this rarely, if ever, happens in Montreal, and the video left me feeling a little less jaded.

We're really lucky that someone was there to share this moment with the world!

As soon as I saw the video, I checked the description to find out who this tiny woman with the powerful voice was. Her name is Jessica Latshaw, a musician and writer living in New York City. I sent her a message and she kindly agreed to be interviewed on the Twee Time Show.

So here's the postcast from the March 9th episode:

Skip forward to 26:07 to hear the interview.

Thank you so much Jessica! All the best xoxo Stephanie

Jessica's blog: This Life in Writing
Jessica Latshaw on YouTube
Get "Ain't My Friend" by Jessica Latshaw on iTunes Music

Thee "Twee Time" Show is originally broadcast on CJLO - 1690AM in Montreal. Go to cjlo.com for details and show times.

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