Monday, September 21, 2015

POP Montreal 2015: Three songwriting tips from Andy Kim!

"The Icon: Montreal's Andy Kim talks songwriting", presented by SOCAN

Montreal pop legend Andy Kim returned home for The POP Symposium event "The Icon: Montreal's Andy Kim talks songwriting" at POP Quarters on September 17, 2015. Joined by his friend Torquil Campbell from indie-rock band Stars—with seasoned fans and new admirers in the audience—Mr. Kim told a genuine and heart-felt story about his life as a young Andrew Youakim living in Villeray who left home as a teen in 1963 to follow his dreams.

"I'm here because I dreamt this life," he said, and it was at the Brill Building in New York City where this multi-talented and brave young songwriter got his start. Inspired by his father, three brothers, and a beautiful young receptionist at the Brill, Andy Kim went on to compose many memorable tunes, most notably the number one hits "Sugar Sugar" (co-written with Jeff Barry and recorded by fictional teens, The Archies) and his iconic love song "Rock Me Gently". 

With a career that spans 19 hit singles and over 30 million records sold, Andy Kim was so generous to share his top-three tips for aspiring songwriters and dreamers alike:

  1. Don't listen to anybody! Your life is what you think about yourself.
  2. A song is words and melody. Learn your instrument, and find a companion you really care for.
  3. I can never be someone else. It starts with you. You're responsible for you. You gotta find you.
Thank you, Andy Kim, for sharing this beautiful moment with us!


Photo by Norman Wong

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