Wednesday, September 18, 2013

On Repeat: Boris


The Nick Drake tribute on the cover of Akuma no Uta (2003) by Boris caught my attention when I saw the image in some article about album covers a while back. I listened to the songs on YouTube, and they are undeniably amazing—if you like 1970s-inspired rock n roll sludgy drone music, that is. And I do, so much, more than you know. Listen to "Ibitsu", LISTEN TO IT!!!

I felt sad to discover that the original pressing produced a mere 500 copies, and the 2005 Southern Lord re-issue picture discs had 700 copies in the "Nick Drake" style, and 300 in the "venom" style. So yeah, this record is pretty rare and goes for a whopping €139.99 + on discogs for an original vinyl copy. I suppose I could go the CD route, but I just don't buy CDs anymore. There's enough stuff in my apartment as it is. 

A few days ago I was at Cheap Thrills, and as I was browsing through the used metal section, it became apparent that someone unloaded their entire Boris collection. I saw Smile, Rainbow, and behind the Boris / Joe Volk split was a record with a purple cover. Hmm... could it be? 

My heart raced; then it stopped; then it died. I paused, slowly flipped over to the record and saw that what I thought was Akuma no Uta was actually Pink. Nick C. had a couple of other rare Boris albums behind the counter, but not the Devil's Song. It just wasn't my lucky day that day... 

This year marked the 10th anniversary of the album's release, and it's too bad there was no reissue to commemorate that. Oh well. Until that fateful day of vinyl record luck comes to me, there's always this neat little website called YouTube...

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