Sunday, June 3, 2012

Duchess Says @ Club Lambi

Annie-Claude DeschĂȘnes delivered the best performance of spring 2012, hands down. I'm usually not one to mosh, but she left me no choice! Annie-C hypnotised and entranced me, and there I was dancing and jumping around like a crazed lunatic as the crowd became entwined in her eyes and infinitely-long microphone cable. Drummer Simon Says tapped his drum sticks to begin the song "Ch.o.B.", and my friend's eye-glasses went flying off his face while the moshing and destruction of the band's Church of Budgerigars prop continued. He miraculously retrieved his specs at the bottom of the sea of running shoes and sweat unscathed, which was quite the sight to see in-and-of itself. Duchess Says even topped Gogol Bordello, which I had said was the "best show I've ever seen" just days earlier. If it were legal to marry a show, I would be on my honeymoon with Duchess Says right now.

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