Sunday, May 2, 2010

CJLO DJ of the Week!

Today I was named DJ of the Week at CJLO, 1690 AM in Montreal.

Hi, how are you

Here is the write-up from the CJLO website:

A five-year veteran of the CJLO set, Twee Time host Stephanie Dee characterizes her CJLO stint as "the only thing that makes me cool." Her hour-long show from 8 to 9 on Friday nights is a fun and charming, as well as charismatic program.

From her humble beginnings, where she specifically remembers the date of her first broadcast (5 p.m. on August 29, 2005) and the first song she ever played ("Son Of A Gun" by the Vaselines) until now, her quiet storm of all things twee (and C-86 and anorak and any other of indie rock subgenres).

"I play under-appreciated music for the part time punks who play their records very loud, and pogo in the bedroom in front of the mirror, but only when their mums gone out," explains Miss Dee, "And for the kids who know which band I nicked that description from."

Always ready to help out and ensuring that her Friday night slot is always great, Steph is this week's DJ of the week!

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