Monday, November 5, 2007

Recent Music Acquisitons

Recent vinyl acquisitions

01. Bearsuit, Cat Spectacular!
02. Bearsuit, Team Ping Pong
03. The Beat Up, Alright/Wait
04. The Victorian Gentlemens Club, Impossible Sightings Over Shelton/Train
05. Casper & The Cookies/The Marbles split EP (HHBTM)
06. Bearsuit, More Soul Than Wigan Casino/Duran Duran
07. Poopiehead, Rise of the Poopie People EP
08. Television Personalities, Goodnight Mr. Spaceman
09. Bunnygrunt/Phil Wilson split EP (HHBTM)
10. Negativland, U2
11. Fishboy/Baby Calendar split EP (HHBTM)
12. Boyracer/Fantastic Ideas split EP (HHBTM)

HHBTM = Happy Happy Birthday to Me (singles club, round 1)

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